Thanks for stopping by, We are a race program based out of Nampa ID competing in the NW
    Jackson Built Racing came about through our love of racing. As my own racing has continued to grow and progress, we have come into an opportunity to provide an avenue for people to get into the racing industry without having to spend the upfront costs of purchasing a car, shop, all the tools to work on it, have the knowledge or pay someone to help you work on the cars ect. without even knowing if they are going to like it. We ofcourse think once someone tries it, they will love it and want to be involved to whatever level they are able.
    When I got into racing, I didnt have any help, I learned alot by trial and error and eventually worked my way into a position were I compete for wins and championships regularly. Jackson Built Racing wants to make that process smoother for people coming into racing. 
    With those things in mind, we offer turn key competitive race cars for rent or lease so people can come drive a racecar just for fun and to say they did, try out racing before jumping in, compete without the investment for space, tools and knowledge, have a hassle free driving experience, try a new division before moving up, or participate in one of our driver development programs were we can take young/inexperienced drivers and move them up through the classes at a pace that keeps them progressing but dosnt put them in over their head.
    Whatever your goals in racing, there is a good chance we have an option to help you get there.

Feel free to browse through the site, there are pages with upcoming events and races you can attend, great companies that help us continue providing services, photos and videos that are updated regularly and ofcoarse prices and contact info. Have a great day

Contact us at jacksonbuiltracing@gmail.com


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